We offer mobile ON-SITE installs, service and repair. We can pickup and deliver your vehicles to you. You can even have the car dealer deliver them to our shop, and we will deliver when completed….. Your Choice!

ProAction Safety & Sales is a full service public safety and Commercial vehicle outfitter and upfitting company. We are an authorized distributor for most major manufacturers of emergency vehicle equipment, and our primary focus is outfitting public safety vehicles. From START TO FINISH we can supply you with Turn-Key Solutions to fit your fleet’s needs. ProAction Safety & Sales provides you with ONE STOP SHOPPING.

ProAction Safety & Sales specializes in vehicle outfitting from selection and design to placement and operation of the equipment. We standardize the outfitting process for fleet uniformity and operator safety, and we stand behind a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and wiring. The products purchased and installed by our technicians are covered by their individual manufacturers warranty.

What sets us apart from the competition?

With budgets being stretched and vehicle service life being extended, the quality of the equipment and the build are becoming one of the most important aspects when considering an upfitter. We strive to be the BEST at what we do and are constantly improving techniques and adapting to unique installations. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, keeping all of our installs clean, consistent and durable.

If your products are not working up to their standards, your problem could be poor installation. When you compare the workmanship of other upfitters to our work, there really is no comparison! We provide clean, user-friendly , organized installations every time! Do you know what possible fire hazard is hiding in your vehicle? We use only SAE, OEM approved wire and harness, we solder and heat shrink most of your connections use weather proof connectors and where we do use crimp products, they are of the highest quality. There are NO hidden fuses or fuse panels, and we provide wiring diagrams and fuse locations with our builds.

Some customers say this costs more and are looking for low ball bids and don’t care how the vehicle is built and wired, but industry reports are showing that over the service life, it will cost double for repairs, equipment failure, vehicle down time and personnel running vehicles to repair shops. Versus properly installed equipment.

Our Technicians
Through ongoing training, we are constantly challenging our technicians and encouraging their growth within the industry. All of our Lead technicians have manufactures training. We are an Authorized Service Center for a wide variety of product lines. We have FULL Time staff who are always here to serve you. We are NOT a part time, maybe here/maybe not, work-out-of-back-yard-shed business! This is what our technicians are trained to do and they do it well.

In this specialized industry it requires extensive insurance that shockingly many competitors do not carry. Often the ones working out of the back yard shed have homeowners insurance at best. We, however, carry all the proper coverage and will gladly provide you with documentation. Any vehicle in our possession or vehicle with our workmanship inside it is covered.

The Bitterness of “POOR QUALITY” Is Remembered Long After The Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten!


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